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post5 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
July 29, 2017 0

5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World

When we get tired from hiking mountains and rock formations and swimming in beaches and pools, all we want to [...]

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post5 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
July 29, 2017 0

5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World

When we get tired from hiking mountains and rock formations and swimming in beaches and pools, all we want to [...]

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5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World

When we get tired from hiking mountains and rock formations and swimming in beaches and pools, all we want to do is to take a rest in our home. Sometimes, we seek for peace and silence, while hearing the sound of the birds chirping and the blow of the wind.

In this article, we will bring you to some of the best villages in the world – perfect for you to relax and find serenity. Check these out:

Bosa, Oristano, Italy

21 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
Located at Northwest coast of Sardinia city, Italy, Bosa is a small seaside town built around a medieval castle called ‘Castello Malaspina’. Temo River runs through Bosa town as it is only the navigable river in Sardinia city. The little town is known for its firm preservation of cultural heritage and architectural beauty. From the hilltop castle, you can enjoy the wide view of Bosa town. You can also swim at Bosa Marina, the nearest to the town and the cleanest beach.

Marsaxlokk, Malta

22 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
This town is famous for its fishing industry. The sea nearby Marsaxlokk is abundant of a wide variety of fishes, making it a major livelihood for the locals. They have colorful boats and markets. The boats are named ‘Luzzus’ which has a painting of the mythical eyes of Osiris. According to them, the eyes will watch over them to protect them from evil. Apart from the fishing market, they have a number of good cafes and restaurants.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

23 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
If you want a quiet and simple village, you can buy a property at Giethoorn located at Overijssel province in Netherlands. You cannot hear honks and vrooms here as cars are not allowed in the town. They transport through biking or walking. Although they have electric boats but trust us, they are also free from noise. Very likely to Venice, this town has been called the ‘Venice of Netherlands’. It is also considered one of the greenest towns in Netherlands. It has so many trees, plants, and flowers.

Bibury, England, U.K

24 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
Widely known for its preservation of architectural beauty, Bibury is often considered as the most beautiful village in England. The main attraction here is the 17th century stone cottages and houses. These cottages were built as monastic wool stores, which is then converted into Weaver’s cottages. There is also a trout farm here visited often by tourists. It is a farm for swans, geese, ducks, and kingfishers, among others.

Reine, Nordland County, Norway

25 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
On top of the list of The Mysterious World is the village of Reine in Nordland County, Norway. It is situated in between cliffs and bays – truly it can be the most beautiful village in the world. Fishing is also a major livelihood in the town. The houses here follow almost similar patterns and colors. Apart from the beautiful scenes, you can also enjoy the silence here. Believe it or not, there are only about 300 individuals living here. Lastly, biking, kayaking, bird spotting and whale watching are famous activities here.

We are sure you are amazed by these villages. Do you want to visit them someday?

5 Prettiest Natural Pools in the World

If you are not satisfied with plain beaches, rivers, and lakes, go extra by going around these pretty natural pools in the world. It is a perfect place for you to chill, relax and unwind. These natural pools are part of the bodies of water in the world. It can be a portion of the river, lake or ocean. You can go underwater diving, outdoor adventure or simply just lie down the waters.

Take a look at our list of the prettiest natural swimming pools you can visit.

Devil’s Pool, Africa

If you are an adventure daredevil, you would want to visit Victoria Falls, the second largest waterfall in the world. But if you are extra, you can swim on this hole on top of the falls, the Devil’s Pool. This is only accessible for swimmers from September to December when the water level is at its lowest and the current is minimal. It has natural rock walls to stop swimmers from being carried away. The water gushes 355 feet down.

Barton Springs Pool, USA

If you need to cool and relax, dip your body into Barton Springs pool. It is supplied with fresh water underground springs. It is located at Zilker Park, in Austin, Texas. It has maintained a temperature of 68 degrees year-round, so definitely it can suffice the thirst of your body. You can experience this pool for free from November until mid-March. However, from mid-March to October, kids will pay $1 and $3 for adults. Not that bad!

Bondi Iceberg public pool, Australia

Reader’s digest includes Bondi Iceberg public pool in Tasman sea in their list of most beautiful natural pools. It is a 15-minute drive from Sydney Australia. It is a 50-meter public salt water pool that features a small beach bar and kiddie pool. You can experience the calmness of the pool, and feel the natural waves massaging your body at the same time. This amazing pool has been around for centuries. The entrance fee ranges from $3 to $5.

Hot Springs National Park, USA

This natural hot spring is located in central Garland County, Arkansas. United States Congress initially created Hot Springs Reservation act to preserve the future recreation of the natural spring. Historically, the spring has been famous for it was believed to bear medicinal properties. According to Native American tribe legends, it can cure certain diseases. The area is also dominated with a healthy fauna and flora.

Dudu Blue Lagoon, Dominican Republic

Located near the worn of Cabrera, Dominican Republic, Dudu Blue Lagoon steals attention because of its shining, shimmering and pristine freshwaters. Its depth is 100-feet and features underwater caves perfect for scuba-diving. It has rated excellent reviews in TripAdvisor because according to tourists, this place is perfect for various outdoor activities.

You can definitely bring your friends or families in these natural swimming pools. Just make sure you bring your perfect swimming outfit and you are good to go. What do you think of these beautiful pools? Share us your thoughts.

5 Wonderful Geological Formations on Earth

A long time ago, Earth was believed to be one mass of land. But due to natural phenomena like the tectonic plate movements, the land was divided into continents. It paved the way to natural wonders like the mountains, volcanoes, plateaus, and rock formations. Oceans, lakes, and rivers were also born.

In this naturally-evolving world, there are unlimited wonderful geological formations due to certain natural phenomena. We gathered a list of some of the most amazing geological wonders on Earth.

Tibetan Plateau, China

Tibetan Plateau stands at 16,400 feet in Western China that is why it is often called as the ‘roof of the world’. It is about half the size of 48 states and is surrounded by massive mountain ranges. The plateau has an alpine tundra environment due to its elevation and lack of precipitation. It has been a home for vultures, wolves, leopards, yaks, donkeys, snakes and buffalos, among others. There are also Nomads in the area.

The Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

If you want to have an idea what hell looks like, at least, visit The Door to Hell located in Turkmenistan. According to Forbes, Soviet geologists found the area and drilled it to obtain natural gas. Unfortunately, the ground collapsed and left a very large crater. To avoid the spread of the natural gas to the locals, scientists burned the ground believing that the fire will quickly stop. Now, the fire pit is still burning and there are no signs when it will stop despite various failed attempts to put the fire out.

Fumaroles Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA

This geological formation is purely a work of an art with its display of wonderful colors and geochemistry. From the word fumus which means ‘smoke’, the area releases gases such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide, among others. Further, it produces a wide variety of minerals and acidic gases. Approximately, there are estimated thousands of fumaroles existing in Yellowstone. Unfortunately for visitors, there were reported cases of three killed ski-patrol workers due to the fumarole emissions.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

This looker located near Page, Arizona is actually an eroded slot canyon. Its name means ‘a place where water runs through rocks’ because basically, this land formation was formed due to extreme flash flooding in the area, followed by other sub-aerial processes. Now, it has been one of the tourist spots in Arizona, helping the tourism industry of the Navajo nation. The place has been opened for access since 1997 and has attracted millions of sightseers and photographers worldwide.

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Also found in Arizona, USA is the Grand Canyon which is carved by the Colorado River. It has been one of the oldest geological formations as it goes back nearly two billion years ago. Former President Theodore Roosevelt initiated a major preservation program of the Grand Canyon, especially that it has become a notable tourist destination for many. For nearly thousand years, the Canyon has been inhabited by Native Americans.

As long as Earth exists, there will be more incredible geological formations. What do you think of these wonders?

6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World

If you are the kind of person who considers beaches and lakes as mainstream travel destinations, then try to visit rivers. There are about 165 major rivers on Earth. Rivers have become part of the lives of the people, especially our ancestors. This has been their source of water and food to survive.

Now, rivers aren’t only just mere source of our needs, but indeed tourist destinations. We round up a list of 6 beautiful rivers in the world.

Amazon River, South America

31 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
On top of the of CNN’s must-travel rivers in the world is the ever famous Amazon river. This river in South America is the largest river by discharge volume of water in the world. It is very prominent because it is a home for over 400 native Indian tribes. It is also a sanctuary of a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes. One can enjoy trailing the river through wildlife spotting and kayaking.

Volga River, Russia

32 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
Volga River is one of the trademark tourist spots in Russia and is the longest river in Europe. The river houses 11 of Russia’s 20 biggest cities on its banks. It had also been a home for certain ethnic groups such as the Merya, Huns and Turkic tribes. Now, it is very popular with visitors especially during the height of the summer.

Loire, France

33 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
Hailed as France’s longest river, Loire is really a looker because of the complementing manicured gardens and green hills stretching to the horizon. In the Loire Valley lies the tree species of oak, pine, and beech. There are also ash, alder, and willows. Further, it has 57 species from 20 families of freshwater fishes. Definitely, one can survive living near this river.

Rio Futaleufú, Argentina, Chile

34 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
This brilliant aquamarine body of water across the Andres and extend to southeastern Chile. Rio Futaleufú is considered by locals as a landscape painted by God because of its remarkable color complemented by the glacial snow. This river is also perfect for thrill-seekers because of its water rapids. Apart from its beauty, it is also rich in natural resources like precious metals. It can also be effective for producing hydropower electricity.

Ganges River, India, Bangladesh

35 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
Very known to the world because of its sacredness is the Ganges river of India and Bangladesh. Historically, it was believed by Hindus as a lifeline as it has provided them with a supply of water and food. Pilgrims also converge at the river to bathe and do their rituals. The Ganges river was considered to be the fifth most polluted river in 2007, which threatens many life forms including 140 species of fishes and 90 amphibian species.

Nile, Africa

36 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
Of course, nothing beats the longest river in the world. Nile river is 4,528 miles long which cover eleven countries from Tanzania to Egypt. It has also become the natural water source of Egypt and Sudan. This river is also associated with Ancient Egypt’s historical sites. There is available Nile river cruising adventure for those who want to enjoy the locals’ lives and the picturesque sceneries at a slow pace.

Interested to include them on your bucket list? Book your plane ticket now!

6 Must-Visit Lakes in the World

Nature does not fail to amaze us with its wonderful sceneries. From the bodies of water, series of mountains and rock formations, everything is perfect. To those who love to refresh their bodies, they can swim to the beaches, or maybe try out these incredible lakes in the world.

Dead Sea

Just because it is named the Dead Sea, doesn’t mean it is actually a sea. The Dead Sea is one of the most famous salt lakes in the world. It has a higher concentration of salt and minerals in which a person cannot swim underwater. Further, it is also called the ‘Sea of Death’ because no microscopic living organisms can survive here. The Dead Sea is also a very notable figure in the Old and New Testament of the Bible. This was the site where King David’s men and Jesus was believed to have walked above its waters.

Tasman Lake, New Zealand

Telegraph cites Tasman Lake as one of their most favorite lakes. It is located in the heart of Aoraki, on the South Island of New Zealand. It has a very remarkable appearance, especially during sunset. Further, the chunks of icebergs gradually melting complements the color of the lake. The lake is opened for visitors. They can book boat tours to see the beauty of the lake.

Lake Berryessa Glory Hole; California

You’ll probably hesitate to take a dip in this lake because of its huge glory hole with a diameter of 72 feet, considered the largest of its kind. The hole has a vertical drop of 200 feet. Further, this lake does not serve as a tourist attraction only because it generates hydroelectricity to the area. Visitors are not allowed to go near the hole especially during high water levels.

Moraine Lake, Canada

Among the travel lists is the Moraine Lake. It is located outside the village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. It is usually glacially fed and does not reach its crest until late June. The lake reflects a distinctive shade of blue which makes it more attractive. This could be a perfect view for adventure seekers who can walk and hike the Rockpile Trail, the area surrounding the lake.

Taal Lake, Batangas, Philippines

If you’ll visit the Philippines, one should never miss visiting the Taal Lake. It is a freshwater lake located in Batangas province. It is the third largest lake in the Philippines and most the most photographed lake as well. At the center of Taal Lake is the Volcanic island where volcanic activities occur. Historically, the lake was divided into three crater lakes, however, due to the massive eruption in 1911, the craters were lost and left the Taal Lake.

Lake Hillier (Pink Lake) in Western Australia

Among the top must-visit lakes of Wander Wisdom is a lake of a unique color. Lake Hillier or most commonly known as Pink Lake is located at the Middle island of Recherche archipelago in Western Australia. The pink color of the lake is not an effect, but the water is actually color pink! It derived its color from the red pigment produced by bacteria that use sunlight to produce energy.

Are you excited to include these lakes in your must-visit destinations? Tell us what you think about these amazing bodies of waters.

8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World

Nature is really full of wonderful formations. There are amazing landscapes, mountains, forests, and beaches. But even rock formations can impress you. Especially if you get to know how they were formed for the past years.

Let us bring you to some of the most famous and incredible rock formations in the world you can definitely visit.

Aphrodite Rocks, Cyprus

41 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
Also known as Petra TouRomiou which means “Rock of the Greek’, Aphrodite rocks has been one of the most famous spots in Pafos, Cyprus. It is believed that the Greek mythological figure Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was born here. Some people believe that swimming here makes one younger and more beautiful.

Ayers Rocks, Australia

42 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
This beautiful rock formation is located in the Northern Territory (Central Australia). Ayers Rocks is considered one of the world’s largest monoliths. It has a height of more than 318 meters or almost 1000 feet. This sandstone rock formation is considered sacred by the people especially it changes its color during sunset and sunrise.

Immortal Bridge, Mt. Tai, China

43 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
The formation is composed of three huge rocks and small rocks connected to each other resembling a bridge. This rock formation in Mount Tai in Shandong, China was believed to exist during the Ice Age. The Chinese call this the ‘immortal bridge’ as it remained compacted despite certain natural disasters.

Khao Ta-Pu – James Bond Island, Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

44 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
If you have watched the James Bond movie – The Man with the Golden Gun, you can recall this famous rock. It is one of the tourist destinations in Thailand, however, tourists are restricted to go near the limestone formation to avoid damages. The rock formation is 20-meter high.

KannesteinenVågsøy, Norway

45 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
This rock formation is very artistic as the huge stone is supported by a narrow trunk. This 3-meter high mushroom-like rock formation is located near the village of Oppedal in Norway. Some of the tourists often call the rock formation a ‘fist’ and a ‘heart’.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

46 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
Believe it or not, this beautiful rock formation was an outcome of a volcanic eruption. It has interlocking basalt columns, about 40,000, formed by the cooling of lava. Due to how incredible it looks, some say it is manmade. This rock formation continues to be one of the most visited tourist attractions in Northern Ireland.

Fairy Chimneys, Turkey

47 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
This amazing rock formation found in Cappadocia region in Turkey joins BBC’s top most amazing rock formations. As you can see, it has strange conical spires of various sizes. Million years ago, active volcanoes erupted and covered the ground with ash. The wind and rain then compressed the volcanic ashes and formed the fairy chimneys.

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA

48 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
Outside the Page town in Arizona, there is an amazing site called the Horseshoe Bend. The rock formation was surrounded by the waters of Colorado River. There is a noticeable dramatic change in the color of the formation during different times of the day. Authorities do not advise tourists to trail the Horseshoe bend because there are no guards within the area.

What do you think of these incredible rock formations? Have you seen one like these? Share them with us.

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