The Top Cycling Vacations

Seeing the world on two wheels can be quite the adventure!

From the United States to Japan to France, there are thousands of bike friendly destinations, even for a beginner!

You don’t have to be a Tour de France winner to enjoy a long, scenic bike ride.

Cycling has been a favorite pastime for people around the globe since the 19th century.

Today, along with hiking, mountain climbing, and camping, cycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities.

And because of this, there are so many biking destinations for you to experience!

Here are the Top 5 Bike Friendly Destinations for your Next Cycling Adventure!

Palisade, Colorado, United States

colorodo - The Top Cycling Vacations

This beautiful, 25-mile trail through Colorado’s not-so-well-known wine country and peach groves might be the best late-summer excursion any cyclist could plan.

Travel through scenic (and fragrant) orchards and lavender fields and breeze along the Colorado River with regular stops at local wine vineyards.

The views are breathtaking and there are so many fun stops along the way.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

croatia - The Top Cycling Vacations

If you’re not into cycling for long distances, try an island-hopping cycling tour where you cycle across the land and then hop on a boat to the next isle to do it all again.

There are also lots of tours that take you from Dubrovnik to Hvar to Split by bike. Croatia also has a 100-mile trail that connects the country and nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina, if you’re a little more advanced.

Lands End, United Kingdom

landsend - The Top Cycling Vacations

Cycling from Land’s End in Cornwall, England to John o’ Groats in Scotland is a classic ride that’s probably for a slightly more experienced rider, but makes for an excellent trip nonetheless.

This scenic, 1,000 mile trip typically takes between two and three weeks and you’ll see some of the very best United Kingdom vistas along the way.

Lake Constance, Austria

lake constance australia - The Top Cycling Vacations

If you are a beginner or intermediate cyclist, this is a great route for you because it is surprisingly flat!

You can start around Lake Constance from either Austria, Germany or Switzerland, depending on your preference.

This massive lake isn’t just beautiful, it also makes for a highly customizable ride.

You can break up the trip into challenging long rides or several short days with stops in the many beautiful and adorable nearby towns.

Onomichi, Japan

japan cycling - The Top Cycling Vacations

Starting in Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture, you can take the path of the Shimanami Kaidō (also known as the Nishiseto Expressway), which connects the city with Imabari in Ehime Prefecture.

This 40-mile road goes through the Geiyo Islands and was built with cyclists in mind.

It has segregated cycling and pedestrian lanes, so anyone can enjoy this gorgeous trip.

It is only 40-miles so its great if you aren’t looking for a super long ride.

When taking long cycling trips, you want to make sure you have the proper gear:

We would love to hear about some cycling destinations you’ve been on!

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