6 Most Common Water Activities You Must Try

Summer is not the only time where we can go to beaches and do extreme sports. Actually, anytime! Especially when your inner adventurous spirit calls you.

Here are some of the most famous water activities one should definitely not miss:


Sailing is a perfect activity especially during good wind conditions, basically from December to May when winds are super strong and consistent. In this activity, you should propel the sailing ship on the surface of the water. Of course, you should adjust the alignment of the sail to the apparent wind direction for you to move. There are certain courses about this activity one could take.


Kitesurfing is a water sports activity that is a combination of snowboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing, and gymnastics. This is quite extreme as the kiteboarder will surf or sail the surface of the water controlling a power kite which would take the boarder to different directions. While kitesurfing, you can do water jumps, glides, and other exhibitions.


If you want to defy heights, try Parasailing. Sometimes called parascending or parakiting, this is great for all ages and abilities. If parachutes and kites fly in the sky, parasailing takes the adventure-seeker to the parachute. Attached to a water vehicle or a speed boat, the kite will then fly and move in the sky. Remember to bring your cameras with you so you can take photos of the landscape below.


If you do not want to move your body too much or fly in the sky, you can simply ride a kayak and tour the bodies of oceans. Kayaking is one of the calmest and most scenic water sports. You can do it in a fast or slow place, depending on your mood. A kayak can make you cross oceans. You can also stop by in the middle and swim underwater. You can do it alone or with some company.


If there is snowboarding, there is also wakeboarding. In this water activity, you can stand on a single board while holding a cable being pulled by a water vehicle. You will then speed up to the bodies of water. This is recommendable for beginners as this is simple. Wakeboarding is not just any fun water activity, but it has also been included in certain sports tournaments.


If you do not want any equipment, mechanics or any expenses, why not just swim peacefully in the oceans. Swimming is still a fun water sports activity. You can race with your friends or you can swim solo. No wonder this is the best water activity for everybody.

What among these sports water activities have you tried?

info2 - 6 Most Common Water Activities You Must Try

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