7 things travelers should put in their bags, now!

Every seasoned traveler knows what things to bring during a trip. But for some, especially to those who are new to the spirit of seeking adventure, might get a little problem on what very particular things one should not go without. Considering probably the fact that you are traveling with one bag or luggage, so you are very careful on what to fit on the allowable weight for your belongings.

Here are 7 things that are never lost in the baggage of premiered travelers, and that one newbie should never forget.

Sunglasses, sunscreens and sun visors

Some people enjoy walking around while feeling the warmth of the sun’s heat. But majority of travelers learn that too much exposure to the heat of the sun causes worse aftermaths say sunburns. So before stepping out of your comfort home, apply sunscreens or sunblock. You can also wear sun visors and jackets.

Toiletries, especially deodorant and toothbrush

You can forget to wear perfumes and colognes, but don’t you ever forget to apply deodorant. Our body naturally produces sweat, especially when exposed to the heat of the sun or too much activity. These sweat breaks down into acid thus producing an unpleasant smell. Most especially, toothbrush! Brush your teeth so you can dare to smile and talk without the fear of bad breath.

OOTD’s, especially underwear

In this period, travelers, especially the millennials are fond of wearing the most fashionable and most appropriate attires for certain activities. Consider it an outfit of the day or an #OOTD. You have to know what activities or what places you will go so that you can bring desirable outfits. BUT the most important outfit one should never forget is their underwear. I think we all agree to this, right?


If there is an OOTD, there should always be a camera. Come on! You have to document yourself while you are in these amazing destinations. Take a photo of the towers, the parks, the forests and even your experiences. So that one day, you’ll get to visit your photo album and reminisce the happiest moments of your life.

Smartphone, with a good playlist of music and library of movies

You should always bring your phone for communication purposes. In long rides, it is better for you to hear a playlist of good music, with adventure vibe perhaps, and a library of movies to watch while waiting to arrive at your destination.

Important documents

Before traveling, check if you got your plane ticket and especially your passport and visas for international flights. You should also bring valid identification cards, health insurance cards, credit cards and other important cards. Please place them in your bags now!


Of course, who wants to travel broke? No one. It is a must that you always have money. Every destination in your itinerary requires a dime or cash: food, hotels, fares, tips, entrance fees, and tour guide fee, among others. So wherever you are, bring money!

That’s it! I hope all of these things are inside your bags now. Of course, you are free to add some stuff that you think is necessary for your travel.

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